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FY 2015 Preliminary Perkins Allocations

A school district is eligible to apply for Perkins funds allocated according to a formula established in Section 131 of the Perkins Act. The funding formula was derived using the most updated federal census data reflecting the 2012-2013 school district boundaries and local district CTE enrollment data.  As required by the Act, seventy percent of the funds were allocated according to the number of school district residents, ages 5-17, whose families are below the federal poverty level. Thirty percent of the funding was determined using the general population figures, ages 5-17. From that "gross allocation," funds were allocated to the entities that provided the CTE instruction for the students.  Agencies or schools serving students outside the local district, such as a county vocational school districts, charter school, or the Katzenbach School, received a portion of the district's gross allocation based upon the number of district CTE students served by that agency. Additional reserve funding was allocated to county vocational school districts and rural school districts according to the Act.

In order for a district to be eligible to submit a Perkins Grant application, the district must have:

  • submitted a five-year plan;
  • at least one approved career and technical education program as listed on the NJDOE website (see;
  • at least one approved career and technical education program of study;
  • submitted program performance data using NJSMART for school year 2012-2013 for approved CTE programs; and
  • a gross allocation exceeding $15,000 (unless joining a consortium or a rural district as classified by NCES).

FY 2015 Perkins Secondary Allocations
FY 2015 Postsecondary Allocations