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Personalized Student Learning Plan


The Personalized Student Learning Plan logo was created by Jon Noel, a sixteen year-old student from Hamilton Township, New Jersey.  He is originally from Boyton Beach, Florida and has lived in Hamilton Township since 2002.  He attends Hamilton High School North (Nottingham) and Mercer County Technical Schools – Arthur R. Sypek Center.  Jon believes that a Personalized Student Learning Plan will help all students prepare for the upcoming challenges of the work field in the future. 

When Jon was asked about how he developed the logo, he shared his thoughts.  Jon said that he first started to develop an all-type logo, but he decided to incorporate an illustration to depict the goal of a Personalized Student Learning Plan.  “So since you help other students and lead them to success, I figured that a path would go great with the logo.  Later, I was thinking that it was still missing something...a mortarboard!  That would represent the goal that all students reach for throughout their lives, and you also help students achieve this goal of graduation.”

Jon has been interested in art and design since he was a young child.  Currently, his favorite class at Mercer County Technical Schools is Commercial Arts Technology.  This class is preparing him to be successful in a career in art and design, by providing skills and experiences to improve his design technique.  He is interested in a career as a graphic designer, web designer, illustrator or photographer.  One of his goals after graduation is to apply to art school, so he can begin his own web design business.  In addition to art and design, Jon also enjoys carpentry, photography and skateboarding. 

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