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2008-2009 Enrollment

This zip file ( -- 563 kb) contains the following comma-delimited ASCII text file:

stat_enr.csv Total Enrollment by Race and Sex for Every School in New Jersey


Field Name Description
CO County Code & County Name
DIST District Code & District Name
SCH School Code & School Name
PROG Program Code
PROGRAM Program Name
WH_M White Males Enrolled
WH_F White Females Enrolled
BL_M Black Males Enrolled
BL_F Black Females Enrolled
HISP_MALE Hispanic Males Enrolled
HISP_F Hispanic Females Enrolled
NAT_AM_M(NON_HISP) Native American Males Enrolled
NAT_AM_F(NON_HISP) Native American Females Enrolled
ASIAN_M(NON_HISP) Asian Males Enrolled
ASIAN_F(NON_HISP) Asian Females Enrolled
HAW_NTV_M(NON_HISP) Hawaiin Native Males Enrolled
HAW_NTV_F(NON_HISP) Hawaiin Native Females Enrolled
2/MORE_RACES_M(NON_HISP) Two or More Races Males Enrolled
2/MORE_RACES_F(NON_HISP) Two or More Races Females Enrolled
ROWTOTAL Total Number Enrolled
FREE Number Receiving Free Lunch
REDUCED Number Receiving Reduced Lunch
LEP Limited English Proficient Students Enrolled
MIGRANT Migrant Students Enrolled

Enrollment Program Codes

Program Codes
Code Description
01 Full-Day Pre-Kind.
02 Half-Day Pre-Kind.
03 Full-Day Kindergarten
04 Half-Day Kindergarten
05 Grade 1
06 Grade 2
07 Grade 3
08 Grade 4
09 Grade 5
10 Grade 6
11 Grade 7
12 Grade 8
13 Grade 9
14 Grade 10
15 Grade 11
16 Grade 12
17 Post-Graduate
18 Cognitive-Mild
19 Cognitive-Moderate
31 Cognitive-Severe
20 Learn and/or Lang Dis. - Mild/Moderate
24 Learn and/or Lang Dis. - Severe
22 Behavioral Disabilities
23 Multiple Disabilities
25 Auditory Impairments
28 Visual Impairments
32 Full-Day Preschool Dis.
33 Half-Day Preschool Dis.
30 Autism
34 Grade 9 Reg Co Voc
35 Grade 10 Reg Co Voc
36 Grade 11Reg Co Voc
37 Grade 12 Reg Co Voc
38 Special Education Voc
55 Total
56 FT Post Secondary Prog
57 PT Post Secondary Prog