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Early Childhood Education and Family Engagement

Archives - Preschool Program Plan and Budget

June 21, 2011

TO: Public School District Superintendents and Early Childhood Education Supervisors required to use a State-approved Preschool Education Program Contract for Private Providers 
FROM: Ellen Wolock, Ed.D., Director
Office of Preschool Education
Division of Early Childhood Education
SUBJECT: 2011-2012 Preschool Education Program Contract

School districts that are required to use a Preschool Education Program Contract when contracting with a Department of Children and Families licensed child care provider for the 2011-2012 school year must use either the standard State-approved Preschool Education Program Contract provided by the Department of Education (DOE), or a locally developed contract approved by DOE.  Attached is a copy (Word | PDF)of the standard State-approved Preschool Education Program Contract for the 2011-2012 school year.  The contract can also be found on the department’s website.
For school districts using the standard State-approved Preschool Education Program contract without modifications:

  • All fully executed contracts must be received by the department within 60 days of the school district’s receipt of this memo.

For school districts using a locally developed contract or requesting modifications to the standard State-approved Preschool Education Program Contract:

  • Districts must seek and receive approval from the department prior to executing the contract.
  • The department will not accept modifications that repeat language or citations contained in N.J.A.C. 6A:13A.
  • Modifications to the standard State-approved Preschool Education Program Contract or your locally developed contract must be submitted to the Office of Preschool Education by July 21, 2011 for approval.  Requests for modifications submitted after this date will not be considered.  All contract modification requests will be reviewed and approved as they are received. The department must approve all modified State-approved Preschool Education Program Contracts or locally developed contracts prior to discussion and/or dissemination to providers.  Modification requests may be emailed to:

Summary of Changes to 2011-2012 Preschool Education Program Contract:

  • Section II(A)(4) updates the definition for “quarterly expenditure report” to match budget guidance.
  • Section IV(B) clarifies the wording used to describe of the master teacher’s role in provider settings, aligning it with administrative code and program implementation guidelines.
  • Section IV(K) clarifies the use of a minimum ECERS score for contracting purposes.
  • To align with insurance industry practices, Section XV(A)(4) maintains the insurer’s requirement for providing written notice to the school district for cancellation, nonrenewal, or expiration of a provider’s insurance policy, while eliminating the requirement for  the insurer giving “thirty days” written notice.