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This information has been preserved for historical purposes. It is not current.

Early Childhood Education and Family Engagement

Self Assessment Validation System (SAVS)



2nd Week of January

  • SAVS document is posted on the website
  • Electronic copy of the SAVS document is sent to EC Supervisors via e-mail. 

January through April

  • Liaisons meet with their districts to provide TA with completing the SAVS document as needed. TA can be provided by phone. 

April 22nd 

  • All districts will submit an electronic copy of their completed SAVS directly to their district liaison.

April 25th to April 29th

  • Liaisons begin to review their district ratings.
  • Districts receiving a full team validation visit are notified (start of 3-year cycle).

May 2nd to July 29th – validation visits

  • Validation visits should be scheduled and completed by July 29th. 
  • School districts have 10 business days following validation visits to forward additional documentation to support ratings as needed to their district liaison.  If documentation is not received within 10 business days following validation visit, the ratings will be finalized as determined at the validation visit.


  • EC Supervisors are presented with an overview of the total aggregated scores for the 35 districts.