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Early Childhood Education and Family Engagement

Waiver of family worker ratio and use of Title One funds

March 31, 2015

To: Early Childhood Supervisors

Ellen Wolock, Ed.D., Administrator
Division of Early Childhood Education
Department of Education

I am writing to let you know that we are creating a waiver process for the Family Worker ratio.  Please let your providers know that they can request a waiver of the Family Worker ratio (currently 1:45), going no higher than 1 family worker for 75 families. You will use the method currently used to waive code requirements. You will complete the waiver form found at the link below, and submit it to the county office staff, who will in turn submit it to State Board. The code citation that you will be waiving is 6A:13A-4.6(b)2.

In addition, as an alternative to increasing the ratio, be aware that Title One funds can be used to support the family worker as they serve an important role in working with families. Please see the attached joint memo.

Ellen Wolock, Ed.D.
Director, Division of Early Childhood Education
New Jersey Department of Education
100 River View Plaza, PO Box 500
Trenton, NJ 08625