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Student Achievement

Background Information:

Maximizing achievement for every student is the goal that drives every part of the education process.  Well-prepared teachers who continuously improve their classroom practice in teaching the Core Standards to their students will affect learning in positive ways as measured by the state's annual assessments.  Everything is connected and leads toward one goal – student achievement.

The Department of Education has set up six Regional Achievement Centers to work with schools that have been classified as Priority or Focus Schools where there are unacceptable numbers of students who are not achieving the standards.  Information about the RACs is under the school improvement link.

Another approach to helping students achieve is to provide alternatives for parents by offering various forms of school choice.  Information about the interdistrict school choice program, charter schools, and renaissance schools is under the school choice link.

The school climate section contains information about the many ways that school districts can make schools safe and productive.  The new anti-bullying law gives districts the mandate to ensure that no student feels unsafe in school because of bullying.  The Keeping our Kids Safe link offers many topics that contribute to helping districts create a positive school climate for all students.  Studies have shown that school climate can affect whether a student stays in school or drops out.

The annual School Performance Reports are designed to enhance both educator and stakeholder engagement in discussions about how well a school is preparing its students for college and careers. They are found under the accountability section.