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Certification & Induction

Alternate Route: CE

CE Flow CHart

Obtain CE

  • Certficate of Eligibilty.

Obtain Employment

  • When a candidate is hired, the district/school must register candidate into the Provisional Teacher Program and a provisional license is issued.

Mentoring and Formal Instruction

Mentoring: A full year of support by a school-based experienced teacher, including a meeting once per week for the first eight weeks of the program. Formal Instruction: at least 200 hours of instruction aligned with the New Jersey Professional Standards for Teachers concurrent with employment.

Supervision and Evaluation

  • At least two years of effective or highly effective evaluations under the AchieveNJ system.

Standard License

  • Applicant will apply online for standard license and pay $100 administrative fee.

Provisional Teacher Program Training Mentoring Costs

  • - $1000 is paid to the teacher who serves as the experienced mentor over the duration of program.

Provisonal Teacher Program Training Costs

  • - Tuition varies at college-based programs.