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Certification & Induction

New Jersey State Board of Examiners Credentials Review


  •  Credentials review may be defined as an appeal submitted by an applicant regarding any adverse evaluation of credentials by the Office of Certification and Induction due to a licensure deficiency or noncompliance with a regulatory requirement.  The Board does not waive requirements.  Rather, it determines if the documentation presented by the applicant demonstrates a one to one relationship with the particular certification requirement(s) and/or warrants equitable relief.
  • An “adverse evaluation” does not involve questions of conduct, but, rather, of licensure deficiencies or noncompliance with regulations.  Opportunity for credentials review includes, but is not limited to, the following circumstances:
    1. An applicant appeals the decision of the examiner and, in the alternative, seeks the review of education and/or experience he/she believes is equivalent to the area(s) of deficiency.
    2. An applicant appeals the decision of the examiner who does not accept certain coursework for issuance of a certificate.  The examiner may have denied such study based on policy, practice or regulatory requirements.
    3. An applicant appeals the decision of the examiner who does not accept coursework or program completion that is outside the timeline parameters of the regulations (grandfathering).
    4. An applicant under provisional licensure appeals the recommendation indicated on the final summative evaluation prepared by a building principal OR does not dispute the principal’s recommendation, but, rather, seeks another opportunity to complete a provisional year to earn issuance of a standard certificate.
    5. An applicant seeks equitable relief for low grade point average (GPA), State test requirement, non-accredited university coursework/program, junior college coursework (rather than 4-year study), verification of program completion and/or other requirements stated in the regulations.


    1. Upon receipt of a request by an applicant for appeal before the Board, the “case” is forwarded to the chief examiner to review and update, if necessary, the original evaluation of an applicant’s credentials;
    2. Should the request be appropriate for credentials review, an information packet is forwarded to the applicant with instructions and necessary forms;
    3. The applicant prepares the documentation and other appropriate information per instructions.  A request to prepare 16 copies of the information may occur with instructions to submit them to Dr. Robert R. Higgins, Secretary of the State Board of Examiners;
    4. Dr. Higgins places the applicant on the agenda for the earliest available monthly Board meeting.  The applicant is notified;
    5. Once the petition is placed before the Board, the Credentials Review Committee makes a recommendation (i.e., issuance, denial, partial credit) to the entire Board; and
    6. The decision is rendered and voted upon by the entire Board at the next or a future meeting.

The entire process takes approximately three to four months depending on the volume of cases and availability of space on the Board’s agenda.


Upon receipt of an adverse evaluation or denial of certification, send an e-mail to Dr. Robert R. Higgins, Secretary of the State Board of Examiners, at  Include the following information:

  • Name of certificate sought;
  • Nature of the appeal (see above);
  • Tracking number or Social Security number; and
  • Current home address