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Certification & Induction

Procedures For Processing Expedite Requests And Emergency Certificates


1. District requests expedite from county office.

2. County office emails (“dot” between Licensing and Expedites) with applicant name, SSN and title(s) for proposed expedite.  This step is not needed if the prospective teacher is brand new, i.e. has never sent any application materials / fees in yet and has no other documentation in TCIS. If brand new applicant, please skip to step 4 below.

3. Trenton customer service staff looks up applicant’s Filenet images and test scores in TCIS to make the determination of what the district and applicant still need to send in. Contacts county by email with that information. Note that L&C will not expedite an application on the promise that test scores or transcripts or letters are already en route from ETS, the colleges, employers, etc. An application will be expedited only after all materials are received in Trenton.

4. County office works with district and candidate to complete the checklist and packet to send to Trenton. It is the district and applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all required materials are provided directly to Trenton through the county office – especially transcripts not already in TCIS. For example, if an applicant has attended four colleges and only two transcripts are in TCIS, the remaining two must be sent in.

5. County office completes checklist, assembles packet, and sends by UPS to Trenton, to:

Expedited Applications
Office of Licensing
New Jersey Department of Education
100 Riverview Plaza
Trenton, NJ 08625-0500

6. The complete packet includes in this order:

  • A copy of the notice to mailroom staff to have scanned only a copy of any attached fees, and to send the packet itself and a copy of any fees to the Office of Licensing. Remaining scanning will be done later after the packet is processed. See “Mailroom Expedite Notice” document.
  • Expedite request form signed by district and county superintendents, with any fees attached.
  • Completed expedite checklist signed by county certification staff.
  • Completed paper application, signed by applicant and duly notarized.
  • All other necessary documentation, in the order it appears on the checklist.

7. Designated staff in the Office of Licensing will:

  1. Check the packet for completeness against the checklist and against TCIS.
  2. Date stamp and log in any completed packets.
  3. Hand off completed packets to the Director, Manager, or Chief Examiner for expediting in TCIS and for assignment to examiner.
  4. Contact county office staff if the packet lacks any required information and hold the packet until that information is provided.

8. If Trenton staff request further information from county staff, that information may with the Director’s or Manager’s permission be faxed to the attention of the Trenton staff requesting the document(s). However, missing transcripts must be sent as original copies to the attention of the requesting staff at the address above unless the Director or Manager gives permission to have copies faxed. Any documentation sent to the Office must include the notice to mailroom staff to send the documentation directly to the Office of Licensing rather than to scanning.

9. For any applicant granted a certificate through this process, the district must provide a copy of its Board resolution hiring the candidate or a written explanation of why the candidate was not hired. Failure to do so may disqualify the district from obtaining further expedited applications. The copy will be provided to the county staff, who will in turn provide a copy to Trenton to the attention of Veronica Geyer, with the TCIS tracking number clearly written at the top. Trenton staff will log them in and send for scanning.