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Certification & Induction

Guidelines For Letters Of Employment Experience

  1. The letter must be original on school district letterhead signed by an appropriate school district official.

  2. The letter needs to document applicant’s years of fulltime teaching experience.

  3. The teaching experience must be completed under a valid New Jersey state certificate or its out-of-state-equivalent. (Emergency, conditional or substitute certificates are not considered valid certificates for this purpose.)

  4. The letter should also include information about full or part-time status, specific teaching assignment and dates of employment.

  5. If possible, please include the letter of employment experience together along with ALL other documents when you apply.

Employment experience letters will be needed for the following certificate areas:


1) Applicants applying for a standard certificate (out-of-state applicants only).

2) New Jersey applicants already holding the old standard Teacher of the Handicapped certificate who are now applying for another instructional certificate.


1) Out-of-state applicants

2) New Jersey applicants for Supervisor (needs 3 years of teaching experience)

Educational Services

1) All of out-of-state applicants with at least 3 years of experience under a valid out-of-state license (validity will be determined by the NJ Department of Education).

2) Director of School Counseling Services

3) Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant

4) Reading Specialist

5) Cooperative Education Coordinator – Hazardous occupation

6) Cooperative Education Coordinator – Non–Hazardous occupation

7) Structured Learning Experience/Career Education Coordinator.

8) County Apprenticeship Coordinator.