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Educator Recruitment, Preparation, and Recognition

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Update on Chapter 9 Regulatory Proposal (11-4-15)

On November 4, the State Board of Education adopted the Department's regulatory proposal to update teacher preparation and certification requirements. We are grateful for the collaboration of many educators and other stakeholders across the state on this important effort to support new teachers.

We will continue to provide implementation support for each element of the regulations. Please see the following materials for more information:

Performance Assessment Request for Qualifications Announcement

In July 2015, the Department issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to create an approved list of performance assessments.  Based on the responses submitted to the RFQ, the Department has approved the edTPA as a performance assessment.  Originating at Stanford University, edTPA had more than 1,000 educators (from 29 states and the District of Columbia) and more than 430 IHEs participate in the design, development, piloting and field testing of this assessment. The Department is now working with educator preparation programs to prepare for full implementation of the edTPA for teacher candidates starting in the 2017-18 school year. Additional RFQ windows will be opened in the future to expand the approved list, as appropriate.

Other Sources of Information

In addition, we launched the Educator Preparation Provider Annual Reports to provide a snapshot of performance data, including information on teacher certification area and employment, placement, retention, and evaluation outcomes for EPP graduates.