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Certificate of Eligibility (CE) Educator Preparation Programs

The CE educator preparation program refers to a non-traditional teacher preparation program designed for those individuals who have not completed a formal teacher preparation program at an accredited college or university, but wish to obtain the necessary training to become a NJ certified teacher (previously known as "alternate route"). To learn more, please visit this Certification page.

Since the initial proposal to update teacher preparation and certification requirements on February 4, 2015, Department staff members have met with several groups and individuals to hear stakeholder feedback. Following the May 6 publication of potential changes resulting from outreach efforts and the related public testimony on May 20, the Department on June 3 presented to the State Board of Education an updated regulatory package at proposal level. The following resources provide more information and have been updated to reflect changes based on feedback from February 4 – June 3:

CE Flow CHart

Obtain CE

  • Certficate of Eligibilty.

Obtain Employment

  • When a candidate is hired, the district/school must register candidate into the Provisional Teacher Program and a provisional license is issued.

Mentoring and Formal Instruction

Mentoring: 34 weeks of support by a school-based experienced teacher, including a meeting once per week for the first eight weeks of the program. Formal Instruction: at least 200 hours of instruction aligned with the New Jersey Professional Standards for Teachers concurrent with employment.

Supervision and Evaluation

  • Three evaluations by school based administrators, including final summative evaluation recommending the novice teacher for standard certificate.

Standard License

  • Applicant will apply online for standard license and pay $100 administrative fee.

Provisional Teacher Program Training Mentoring Costs

  • - $1000 is paid to the teacher who serves as the experienced mentor over the 34 week duration of program.

Provisonal Teacher Program Training Costs