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Milken National Educator Awards

Theresa BordoTheresa Bordo Theresa Bordo earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from Rutgers University and graduated with honors. While at Rutgers, she was nominated by the university staff to receive the Commissioner’s Distinguished Teacher Candidate Award. Theresa’s first teaching position was as a Basic Skills Instructor in Mount Laurel. She now teaches at Pauline Petway Elementary School in Vineland. Here she serves on the School Improvement Council, as well as on the Language Arts and Mathematics Committees at the district level. Theresa was voted Teacher of the Year at Cunningham School in 2001. Dubbing her class each year, "The Bordo Bunch," Theresa builds a family-oriented community of caring in her classroom and believes that only when that is accomplished can any true learning occur. Theresa thanks her husband, Matt, for helping her to realize she was born to be a teacher, and she attributes her success in the classroom to her school principal and role model, Mrs. Patricia Phillips, whom Theresa continually strives to emulate.