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Milken National Educator Awards

Theresa LicitraTheresa Licitra is the Assistant Principal at Elms Elementary School in the Jackson School District. She used to be a reading specialist at Crawford-Rodriguez Elementary School in Jackson. She holds a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Brooklyn College and a master's degree in Reading from Adelphi University. A 12-year educator, Theresa uses a balanced approach implementing the literacy curriculum and Core Curriculum Content Standards. Utilizing creative instruction, research-based practices and assessment methods, she successfully meets the needs of learners. Theresa was also instrumental in developing the school's Character Education Program where she guides teachers in its implementation and integration with literacy and other content areas. She also serves as Assistant Director of Educational Community Services at Georgian Court College, is a mentor teacher and volunteers as Cultural Committee Chairperson of the school's parent-teacher network. Theresa always tries to remain current in learning by serving on literacy, assessment and math committees. She is currently obtaining her second master's degree in Educational Administration at Kean University.

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