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Milken National Educator Awards

Patricia McGeePatricia McGee is a library media specialist at Harrington Park School. She used to teach at Norwood Public School. She holds a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from Loyola College. Patricia is currently teaching in the school that she attended as a youngster. Some of her colleagues are her former teachers, and her principal is her former first grade teacher who taught her to read. She is described by her peers as inspirational and effervescent, and is a leading literacy teacher in her district. Patricia has received five mini-grants totaling $4,000 to promote literacy. It is most important to her that every one of her students finds her classroom to be a safe haven from the conflicts of the world. She tries to instill in her students that it is fine to be different, different through kindness, compassion, creativity and hopefulness. She ensures that her students work daily to be the best that they can be. She firmly believes that success is found when one looks to his/her strengths and cultivates his/her individual talents, respects the rights of others and celebrates when achieving it.

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