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Teacher Advisory Panel (TAP)

The New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) is accepting applications from teachers who wish to participate as teacher leaders in a Teacher Advisory Panel (TAP) pilot program. The purpose of the TAP pilot is to facilitate direct, two-way, in-person communication between NJDOE and educators on the ground around the implementation of key DOE initiatives.

The Panel will consist of three regional groups of between 20-30 classroom teachers each who will meet monthly to share their expertise with senior staff members of the NJDOE.  During these meetings, teachers will learn about key State initiatives and will have the opportunity to provide feedback to the Department on these initiatives and to suggest new opportunities for ways the Department can support teachers in increasing student achievement.  Teachers will be encouraged to return to their local districts and share information about initiatives at the State level with fellow educators.

We are seeking a diverse group of educators representing all grade levels and subject areas, and plan to include teachers at various stages of the career cycle.  Interested candidates can click on the word doc or PDF below. Applications are due Monday, January 7, 2013.  If you have questions, please send them to:

Application (Word | PDF)