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School Finance

Revisions to the 2008-09 Audit Program and State Aid/Grants Compliance Supplement

Click on the pages referenced below to print the revised pages to the Audit Program and Compliance Supplement.

The pages listed below from the fiscal year 2008-09 Audit Program and State Aid/Grants Compliance Supplement have been revised to reflect changes related to the following:


Revision Date






Compliance Supplement


Revised page v of the Audit Program and page 2 of the Compliance Supplement to indicate revision of budget for PERS state aid reduction not required if not made by end of June and

Change in order of state aid category to be reduced to Equalization Aid, then Adjustment Aid, then other state aid categories as noted



Revised guidance on ages for un-graded (Self-Contained) educationally disabled students to be consistent with ASSA instructions

II-SA.17 9/09 Removed typo in state aid account number for Adjustment Aid (09-495-034-5120-085)



Revised street address for submission of CAFR packages (other than US Postal mailing) to 100 Riverview Plaza, Trenton NJ 08625.  (Office of Fiscal Accountability and Compliance/Single Audit has moved and is no longer at Ewing)

III-1.3 9/09 Revised to indicate Federal Reporting Package and Data Collection Form must be submitted electronically using the federal IDES



Quality Assessment Review (QAR) includes new question (#7a) on whether American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) programs have been included in the Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Assistance if reported in the Combining Schedule of Revenues, Expenditures, and Fund Balance (Exhibit E-1)

QAR #4 - Clarification of schedules for districts required to use school-based budgeting