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School Finance

2009-10 Audit Information

2009-10 Audit Program

2009-10 School District Questionnaire (PDF)

2009-10 State Aid/Grant Compliance Supplement (PDF)

USDA Guidance for Recovery Act School Food Service Equipment Assistance Funds in A-133 Audits

Sample Schedule of Liquidation Period Receipts, Disbursements, and Fund Balance for Merged Non-Operating Districts

Statistical Information

  • Annual Average Labor Force Estimates by Municipality
    (HTML | PDF | Excel)
  • Per Capita Personal Income for New Jersey 1999-2008
    (HTML | PDF | Excel)
  • Subcounty Population Estimates: New Jersey 2000-2009
    (HTML | PDF | Excel)

2009-10 Budget Guidelines

  • October 2009 DRTRS Summary
  • On-Behalf TPAF Contributions 2009-10 – FY 2010 LEA Audits
    (HTML | PDF | Excel)

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