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Advanced Placement Test Fee Reduction Program

The Advanced Placement® (AP) Test Fee Reduction Program provides federal grant funding to pay test fees for eligible low-income students taking AP exams in New Jersey public and non-public schools. The New Jersey Department of Education provides oversight for this program.     If you want to find out more information about the AP programs and exams available in your local school district, please contact your school’s AP Coordinator.

The AP program, sponsored by the College Board, provides students with an opportunity to take college-level courses in over thirty academic disciplines while still in high school, including  Chinese Language and Culture, Statistics, U.S. History, Calculus, Psychology, Chemistry, and Biology. These are rigorous courses that prepare students for college academic experiences. 

DOE Contact Information

Karin Garver, Director
Office of Academic Initiatives and Fiscal Accountability
(609) 984-1959

Donna Schmitz, Fiscal Coordinator
Division of Academic Initiatives and Fiscal Accountability