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Executive Staff Biographies

Robert Bumpus -- Assistant Commissioner Field Services Division

As the Assistant Commissioner for Field Services, Robert Bumpus has general supervisory responsibilities for the County Administrative Unit, the Division of Finance and Facilities and the Office of Fiscal Accountability and Compliance.  He has also served in various NJDOE positions, including Executive Director of Regional Achievement Center 7 and Executive County Superintendent in Salem and Gloucester Counties.   He has served school districts in varied roles including teacher, assistant principal, principal, and superintendent.   He earned his MA and BA from Rowan University and is certified as a social studies and language arts teacher, as well as a principal and school administrator.  Mr. Bumpus enjoys exercising on a regular basis and spending time with his family.

Peggy McDonald, Acting Assistant Commissioner, Learning Support and Specialized Services Division

Peggy is the Acting Assistant Commissioner of the Division of Learning Supports and Specialized Services. This division assists school districts, educators and families with identifying and implementing supports and interventions to promote student learning.  Peggy has held a number of positions in the division including educational consultant, state assessment liaison, manager of the special education monitoring unit, director, Office of Special Education Programs and deputy chief of the division.  Peggy holds a bachelor's degree in education of the deaf and a master's in Audiology from Kean University along with a doctorate in special education from Rutgers's University.  She holds a variety of New Jersey teaching licenses as well as certification as a learning disabilities teacher-consultant.