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New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education


  Recent Resource Materials for Teaching the Holocaust

(Please Send Suggestions of Materials Used in Your Classroom.)
List will be Updated Periodically.

Materials for the Classroom
K-4th Grade
5th-8th Grade
9th-12th Grade
Videos and CDs

Materials for the Classroom

Words for All Time: Lessons of the Holocaust told in Students’ Own Words

Making Sense of the Holocaust-Lessons from Classroom Practice by Simone A. Schweber

The Holocaust: Turning Points in World History - Edited by Mitchell G. Bard
The Oryx Holocaust Sourcebook by William Fernekes
How Was It Humanly Possible? by Irena Steinfeldt
Beyond Heroes and Holidays - A Practical Guide to K-12th
Hate Hurts by Caryl Stern-LaRosa and Ellen Hofbeimer Bettman
A Promise to Remember: The Holocaust in Words and Voices of the Survivors and CD by Michael Berenbaum
The Routledge Atlas of the Holocaust by Martin Gilbert

K-4th Grade

Is It Right to Fight by Pat Thomas

How to Be a Friend by Laurie Krasny Brown and Marc Brown
Stop Picking on Me by Pat Thomas
What's Wrong with Timmy by Maria Shriver
Stop Bullying Bobby by Dana Smith Mansell
Mr. Lincoln's Way by Patricia Polacco
Tear Soup by Pat Schwiebert & Chuck De Klyen
The Cats in Krasinki Square by Karen Hesse

5th-8th Grade

Forging Freedom by Hudson Talbot

Hana's Suitcase by Karen Levine
To Live and Fight Another Day by Bracha Weisbarth
Through Our Eyes: Children Witness the Holocaust by Itzchak Tatelbaum
No Pretty Picture by Anita Lobel
Running Against the Wind by Inge Auerbacher
Candle in a Dark Time by Virginia Stuart
The Christmas Menorahs by Janice Cohn
Eva's Story by Eva Schloss
A Star in the Darkness by Zeidman
My Heart in a Suitcase by Anna Fox
Say the Name by Judith Sherman
Ten Gold Medals or Freedom by Isaac Dostis
Once My Name Was Sara by Betty Grebenschikoff
Behind the Secret Window by Nelly Toll
Bindi's Brother by Irving Roth
At the Mercy of Strangers by Suzanne Loebl
Sevek and the Holocaust by Sidney Finkel
But Some Become Stars by Susi Bradfield
Heroes of the Holocaust by Arnold Geier

9th-12th Grade

The Hidden Child (Maud Dahme, survivor) by NJN
Once My Name Was Sara by Betty Grebenschikoff
In Sunshine and in Shadow by Vera Goodkin
Your Name is Renee by Ruth Hartz
Chortkov Remembered by Abraham Morgenstern
The Miracle of Survival by Janet Moskowitz
From the Carpathian Mountains to the New Jersey Seashore by Rose Zelkovitz

Margit: A Teenager's Journey through the Holocaust and Beyond by Margit Feldman (NJ Author)

The Bielski Brothers by Peter Duffy
My Child is Back by Ursula Pawel (NJ Author)
Alicia by Alicia Applebaum Jurman
I Will Plant You a Lilac Tree by Laura Hillman
A Good Man in Evil Times by Jose-Alain Fralon
The Man Who Stopped the Trains to Auschwitz by David Kranzler
Journey Through the Inferno by Adam Boren (NJ Author)
Stone in Water by Donna Jo Napoli
A Special Fate by Alison Gold
I Shall Live by Henry Orenstein
The Oryx Holocaust Source Book by William F
Salvaged Pages by Alexandra Zapruder
Say the Name by Judith Sherman
My Endless War by Sonia Kaplan
Jews on Trial - Robert Garber, Editor
A Wolf in the Attic by Sophia Birhman
Racism - Stephen Kaufman, Editor
The Genocide of the Armenians by Facing History and Ourselves
A Problem From Hell by Samantha Power
The Massacre in History - Mark Levene, Editor
In the Shadow of the Swastika by Herman Wygoda
Heroes of the Holocaust by Arnold Geier
Once the Acacias Bloomed by Fred Spiegel

Videos and CDs

Friendship in Vienna - 5th-8th VHS (94 min)

Shanghai Ghetto - 8th and up DVD (95 min)
Resistance: Untold Stories of Jewish Partisans - 7th-12th (56 min)
Let Memory Speak - 7th and up VHS (27 min)
Into the Arms of Strangers - 7th and up VHS and DVD (117 min)
Children of Chabannes - 7th and up DVD (90 min) to get copy
PowerPoint Presentation: The Holocaust: World History PowerPoints 7-12th grades 75-100 slides with questions (Mac/Windows)
Testimony of the Human Spirit: Six Survivors of the Holocaust Tell Their Stories - 8th and up VHS/DVD and guide (117 min)
Sources for Materials: Holocaust Resource Centers, Social Studies School Service and Internet
Fate Did Not Let Me Go by Stephen Olendorff - 5-12th grades

The core mission of the New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education is to promote Holocaust education in the State of New Jersey. On a continual basis, the Commission shall survey the status of Holocaust/Genocide Education; design, encourage and promote the implementation of Holocaust and genocide education and awareness; provide programs in New Jersey; and coordinate designated events that will provide appropriate memorialization of the Holocaust on a regular basis throughout the state. The Commission will provide assistance and advice to the public and private schools and will meet with county and local school officials, and other interested public and private organizations, to assist with the study of the Holocaust and genocide.

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The New Jersey Holocaust Commission is an autonomous body operating under its own policies and positions. It acts as a resource to the Department of Education to assist schools with various aspects of meeting the requirements of the mandate to provide Holocaust and genocide education. The commission provides curriculum outlines and suggested activities; identifies and publicizes demonstration sites for other districts to contact; and recommends informational resources and materials for teachers and students to use in the state.

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