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innovateNJ is New Jersey's initiative  to support innovation and practice by fostering sharing and collaboration, cultivating projects, and convening practitioners and partners. We hope that your active participation in innovateNJ will help facilitate next-generation instructional practices that will promote and heighten the college and career readiness levels of our students.

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Join a community of educators committed to working together in ways that  produce replicable  and adaptable innovative practices, helping to identify what is being done and what works well across the state.  Learn more about the innovateNJ Community or  about becoming a member click here:


Learn more about innovation partners, programs, products, and providers that may help you achieve your innovative goals.  Gain insights on the ways in which innovation is taking place in school districts across the country.  Plan to attend an event to keep abreast of ways to implement personalized learning opportunities for your students.


Want to learn more about  the innovative programs  currently supported by NJDOE?  Click here for  examples of  projects that  support 21st century learning  experiences, and  ways in which  community based organizations  are assisting school district innovative initiatives.

Latest News

Innovation High School opens, welcomes its first class

The Jersey Journal

A new high school opened its doors to Jersey City students for the first time yesterday morning.

The newly created Innovation High School, which is housed inside Snyder High School, welcomed its first class of 110 ninth graders.

The school was founded through a partnership with the Institute for Student Achievement and New Jersey City University. In addition to following the district curriculum, there will be a focus on S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, the arts and math), Iannucci said.

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Planting the Seeds of Innovation in Education

Innovation Excellence

Don Wettrick is on a mission: revolutionizing the world of education by training the next generation of innovators.

A reformed teacher (he taught to middle and high school students for 17 years), Don started planting the seeds of innovation at the Franklin, IN High School 3-and-a-half years ago, having found inspiration in Daniel Pink's book "Drive".

Because of the State's education standards, he had to find an innovative way to start his class as it was not part of the state catalogue. One class called "group discussion" was the platform for him to start his journey, as it encompassed most of the ingredients needs: group setting, brainstorming, discussion…

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School of Innovation Gives Real Life Spin To Education

5 News

SPRINGDALE (KFSM)- The Springdale School of Innovation opened to students this week at the Jones Center with about 200 eighth graders.

By the time the high school students graduate, they'll have a high school diploma, as many workforce area certificates as they want to pursue and an associates degree, according to Principal Joe Rollins.

"I think what we are seeing now is that we are getting beyond high school graduation," Rollins said. "Students are starting to understand, what can I do with this education when I graduate?"

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