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Apply for Innovation Community

The innovateNJ Community application is open twice per academic year:

Summer 2015 Arrow Fall 2015 Announcements
Winter 2016 Arrow Spring 2016 Announcements

The Application is now open.

The New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) is pleased to announce the establishment of the innovateNJ Communitythe central component of the state's innovateNJ initiative to help foster, support and scale district and school innovation across the state.   It is our fundamental belief that innovation in education is imperative if we are not only to continuously improve the learning experience and outcomes for our students, but if we are to keep pace with an ever-changing world to ensure that students are prepared for the future.  Our guiding principle in supporting this work is that innovation occurs best not through top-down mandates, but by bringing together like-minded educators and administrators in an environment of openness and collaboration and providing them with the resources and support needed to explore, implement and scale next generation models of teaching and learning. 

From these core beliefs is born the innovateNJ Community - a network of districts and schools that share a passion for improving outcomes for students through innovation.  In keeping with our guiding principle, the work of the innovateNJ Community will be driven largely by its member districts and schools, with guidance and support from NJDOE.  This application will serve to identify the first cohort of members in the innovateNJ Community.  Membership is voluntary and is open to all districts across the state who satisfactorily complete this application and demonstrate a commitment to the following organizing tenets:

  • Members must demonstrate a willingness and ability to use technology and other "real-world" innovations to support teaching and learning
  • Members must be active participants in the innovateNJ Community by not only attending community events, but by actively sharing and collaborating with other members
  • Members must use data to inform the design and continuous improvement of their classroom models
  • Members must possess a passion for exploring and designing student-centered, next generation school and classroom models that promote college and career readiness for students.

To apply to become a member of this community of innovators, please complete and submit the application form (PDF) to If you are interested in the work of the innovateNJ Community but are not sure if you are ready to commit to joining at this time, do not worry, there will be opportunities in the future to become a member and NJDOE will provide updates on the community's work on the new innovateNJweb site. If you have any questions please contact us at: