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Redefining Special Education with Dancing Robots and Google Hangouts

"Inclusion" is defined as the practice of educating all children in the same classroom, including children with physical, mental, and developmental disabilities.

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Six Tips for Creating a Back-to-School Maker Space

Many schools, teachers, and administrators are embracing the concept of a maker space as they begin the 2015-16 school year. What is a maker space? It is a learning environment where children, teenagers, and teachers can create and tinker together using everyday materials. Here are six tips from Garden State educators who have recently set up maker spaces in their own schools.

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CTE Learning that works for New Jersey

21st Century Community Learning Centers

innovateNJ: Initiatives

innovateNJ Initiatives are innovative programs and projects that are happening within New Jersey schools and districts with the support of the New Jersey Department of Education.

innovateNJ: Network Expansion Southern Hub Possibilities Tour

TreeinnovateNJ seeks to expand further across the state of New Jersey by magnifying the number of southern district representatives within the innovateNJ Community. On November 20th, 2015, the Office of School Innovation will hold the 2015 innovateNJ Possibilities Tour: Southern Hub. The Possibilities Tour, hosted by Voorhees Township School District will allow districts to see firsthand all the great opportunities the innovateNJ Community has to offer schools in New Jersey's Southern districts. Member districts, Voorhees, Fair Haven and Waterford, will showcase the wide-ranging possibilities that have been available to them through the innovateNJ Community. Following a tour of Voorhees Middle School, district representatives will have the opportunity to participate in a Q&A session and hear about innovative programs in elementary

Innovative Initiatives

Randolph SOLE Program

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Hybrid Pilot Program

Across America, in any college, in any town, students are busy learning foundational andr consequential subjects.  Unlike the traditional lecture in days of yore, today's college students are  likely to attend classes that are a blend of face-to-face and online meetings.  These "blended" or "hybrid" courses allow for learning that is student-led and directed, which can result in deeper understanding.  At BCIT in Westampton, high school students have been given the chance to learn a new subject and practice the soft skills so necessary for success in college.

West teachers are piloting three electives this fall, two sections of Human Behavior and one section of Forensic Science.  Though the original plan was for two classes, the program was so popular that a third class was added. All three classes are filled to capacity, yet students are still applying for admission.  Participating students are issued a Chromebook for their classes, which meet after school once per week for a two hour session and once per week online for an hour. Classes are inquiry-based and student-led. Last week, while teachers were meeting with parents for back-to-school night, students were meeting online to discuss the background, theories, and beliefs of famous psychologists.

Skye Fowler, a junior at BCIT, enrolled in Human Behavior as her interest lies in neuropsychology. She believes that if you can "enhance the time you spend somewhere, you should do that." Skye's goal is to get as much out of her high school years as she can. Though the class has seen some minor bumps, mostly due to technical issues, she is enjoying the creativity of the lessons and is excited to delve deeper into what drives human behavior.
Student Kayla Pearson didn't join until September. She was intrigued because one of her peers was enjoying the experience; unlike Skye, Kayla isn't sure what she wants to pursue in the future.  She plans to explore as many topics as possible until she finds her place. The sensitive topics introduced in this course are captivating for Kayla, and she eagerly anticipates the weightier subjects to come.

The hybrid classes are a win for students and a win for the school community. The ability to extend the school day and pique student interest is invaluable, and staff members are busy planning ways to expand the program in the future.