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Contact: Bob DeSando or
Peter Peretzman or
For Release: March 7, 2000

Statement by Commissioner Hespe Regarding Supreme Court's Preschool Ruling

"Virtually every directive issued by the court is consistent with the direction in which the department is heading. The court recognizes the need for certified teachers and curriculum expectations, and so does the department. Although some of the timelines set by the court are very aggressive, the department is committed to meeting them. The ruling vindicates the Department of Education's position that quality preschool programs can be provided in private centers

"The court decision affirms our philosophical approach in how to provide quality early childhood education. We will be reaching out to superintendents in the Abbott districts, to the private childcare providers and to the Education Law Center to discuss in a collaborative way how we can work together to implement our vision and the court's decision. We all share the same goal, which is to prepare children to succeed when they enter school."

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