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Contact: John Crosbie
For Release: July 20, 2000

NJ Department of Education Releases Findings of ‘School Technology Survey 2000
-- Student Access to Computers and Internet Expands Rapidly --

Nearly three quarters of all classrooms in New Jersey public schools now have Internet access, according to the latest "School Technology Survey 2000" by the state Department of Education.

Over the past year alone, the number of classrooms in New Jersey public schools with Internet access jumped from 46% to 72%. The survey found that this increased access to computers supported a rapid rise in the number of schools with their own websites, from 56% last year to 80% this year. Similarly, the number of public schools with distance learning capabilities – up from 42% last year to 68% this year – was further stimulated by the growth of computers in classrooms.

"One of the key educational technology goals I have set for the NJ Department of Education is to achieve a ratio of five students or less for every one multimedia computer by the year 2002," said Governor Christie Whitman. "This new survey documents just how close we are to that goal. The number of students sharing each multimedia computer has dropped from 7.2-to-1 to 5.3-to-1 in just one year."

Commissioner of Education David Hespe stressed that schools are making tremendous progress toward ensuring that all students have easy access to new computer technology. "These new technologies are expanding the scope, quality, richness and diversity of curricula in all school districts, and it is very exciting to see how these capabilities are redefining the process of teaching and learning in our state," said Hespe.

This is the second year that the state Department of Education has conducted the technology survey of all 2,473 public schools in New Jersey, with 82% (2,018) responding this year. [ A summary of the survey is attached, and more in-depth detail is available at the department’s website, at: ]