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Contact: Richard Vespucci
For Release: October 4, 2000

Department of Education Produces Video to Help Special Education Students
Make Transition from School to Adult Life

"A World to Gain: Transition Services for Students with Severe Disabilities" is the title of a new video designed to help disabled students make the transition from school to adult life.

The video, a documentary about three students with severe disabilities, was produced by the Office of Special Education Programs, New Jersey Department of Education. Viewers follow the students through the process used by their school districts to prepare them for life after school. The video demonstrates the collaboration that is needed among all the stakeholders in the transition process.

Appearing in the video are students, parents, educators, employers and representatives of the following state agencies: Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs; Department of Labor, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services; and Department of Human Services, Division of Developmental Disabilities and Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

The video is targeted to local educators, parents of students with severe disabilities, and those individuals and organizations that have an interest in the transitional needs of severely disabled students.

Copies of the 25-minute video are being distributed to all New Jersey public school districts, charter schools, private schools for students with disabilities, state facilities and agencies that assist people with disabilities, parent and professional organizations, state special education directors, and members of the State Special Education Advisory Council.

Additional copies will be available for loan from any of New Jersey’s four Learning Resource Centers, and for purchase directly from the Department of Education’s Office of Publications and Distribution Services, P.O. Box 500, Trenton, NJ 08625; 609-984-0905.