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Contact: Richard Vespucci
For Release: December 28, 2000

Students from Brick and Voorhees to Participate in Senate Youth Program

High School students from Brick Township and Voorhees have been selected to participate in a national program that brings together student leaders with outstanding leadership abilities. Elizabeth Przybylinski, a senior at Brick Township High School and Anthony Vitarelli, a senior at Eastern Senior High School, will participate in the U.S. Senate Youth program, sponsored by the William Randolph Hearst Foundation and administered by the New Jersey Department of Education.

Elizabeth and Anthony were selected from among 150 New Jersey applicants. They will spend the week of March 3, 2001 in Washington, DC, where they will participate in a variety of activities designed to nurture their love and government and hone their leadership skills. Some of the activities last year included touring the sights of Washington, listening to addresses by Supreme Court Justice David Souter and Director of South Central European Affairs Thomas Countryman, participating in ceremonies and learning about the military, learning about senatorial procedures, and discussing issues such as investing in America’s schools.

The U.S. Senate Youth program was initiated 39 years ago. Since that time, each state has been invited to select students to represent them. Every public and nonpublic school in New Jersey is eligible to nominate one junior or senior student who is an elected officer at the school. The State Department of Education administers the program by distributing and accepting applications, and by convening a nine-member panel of experts in the fields of social studies and government. The panel rated the students’ applications on leadership, high scholastic standing, community involvement, and clarity in speech and thought.

Applications for the 2002 U.S. Senate Youth program will be accepted in early fall 2001.