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Contact: Richard Vespucci
For Release: July 23, 2001

Department of Education Schedules Statewide Job Fair
To Recruit Early Childhood Education Teachers for Abbott School Districts

In a major effort to assist the 30 Abbott school districts in fulfilling staffing needs for their required early childhood programs, the Department of Education and the Urban School Superintendents of New Jersey are sponsoring a statewide teacher recruitment job fair for early childhood education teachers. More than 400 teacher candidates have signed up, but a handful of openings are still available for the July 28 event.

The job fair will be held from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Cavalla Room, Rider University Student Center, Lawrenceville, New Jersey on Saturday,

July 28, 2001.

News media are invited and encouraged to attend.

Preschool teachers who make their first time commitment in an Abbott district were singled out by Acting Governor Donald T. DiFrancesco for an incentive program called Teach New Jersey – Reach the World. Teachers who meet the eligibility requirements of the program could qualify for a laptop computer, cash awards, forgiveness of college loans and tuition reimbursement for graduate studies in education at a New Jersey college or university.

"High-quality preschool can make a positive difference in communities where families and children have to struggle to get ahead," said DiFrancesco. "I urge our new teachers to accept a challenge that will be professionally satisfying as well as personally rewarding."

Commissioner of Education Vito A. Gagliardi, Sr. joined the Governor in calling for teacher candidates to participate in the upcoming job fair. "We are looking for teachers who are committed to ensuring that preschool age children can start school ready to learn," he said. "We estimate a need for 400 new teachers of 3- and 4-year-old children in our Abbott school districts when school opens in September.

"Teachers who begin their careers this year in the Abbott preschools are getting in at the onset of an exciting and unprecedented era built around the promise that no children in our neediest districts will be left behind," Commissioner Gagliardi said.

Candidates to be considered for positions must have a 2.75 or higher grade point average, have not taught in a New Jersey public school for at least two years, and must graduate from college by August 2001. They must also be:

  • An early childhood education major
  • Holder of a Teacher of Preschool through Grade 3 Certificate of Eligibility, or a Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing or a standard preschool certificate
  • Holder of a valid out-of-state certificate to teach early childhood education, or the holder of a standard New Jersey Teacher of Nursery School certificate, or the holder of a standard New Jersey Teacher of Elementary School certificate with two years teaching experience in a preschool setting
  • Holder of a bachelor’s or advanced degree in liberal arts or science interested in New Jersey’s "alternate route" to certification

Applicants may be eligible to receive the following incentives:

  • Laptop computer
  • Cash recruitment bonus
  • Student loan forgiveness
  • Graduate tuition reimbursement

For more information about the job fair, register online at or fax name, address, telephone number and e-mail address to Kimberly Friddell, Division of Early Childhood Education, 609-777-0967.