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Contact: Richard Vespucci
For Release: August 27, 2001

NJPEP Plans New Courses, Contests in Second Year

After enjoying a productive first year, NJPEP (New Jersey Professional Education Port) is expanding its role. NJPEP is a professional development academy operated by the New Jersey Department of Education that combines online and live workshops to enhance professional development for classroom teachers.

NJPEP will launch four new courses online this fall. It is also planning contests to help identify exemplary classroom activities and professional development workshops conducted by local school districts.

"NJPEP has exceeded our expectations in serving the professional development needs of our teachers," said Commissioner of Education Vito A. Gagliardi, Sr. "Renewing and developing the knowledge and skills of teachers is a crucial element in our desire to attract and retain high-quality teachers for our students. NJPEP will continue to play a central role in meeting this objective."

Four online courses are being prepared for the fall. Two courses, Designing Multiple Choice Questions for Competency-Based Standards and Language Arts for Novice Teachers, will be available in September. Teachers who complete the courses can count the training towards their professional development hours or for graduate credit from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Two additional courses will be available in October. The courses, Steps from Standards to Assessment and Teaching for New Jersey Standards, will be available for professional development hours only.

NJPEP is also planning classroom activity contests, beginning with social studies in October, to coincide with plans by New Jersey Network for a project on New Jersey history for the fourth grade. Similar contests in other subject areas will be introduced during the year.

Also planned for the coming year is a professional development workshop contest to identify exemplary workshops conducted at the local level by district personnel only. Details on this contest will be available in the fall.

In addition to the new courses and contests, NJPEP will continue to supplement its online offerings with hands-on workshops. The workshops, offered at the request of teachers and administrators, will cover helpful hints about the three state tests, curriculum planning, and steps from standards to assessment.

NJPEP hears regularly from local educators who have benefited from the services it provides, or are seeking assistance for local training programs. Among new courses under consideration is a pilot online course for a select group of administrators.

NJPEP will present workshops at all of the major statewide education association conferences in the coming year.

For more information about NJPEP, visit the site through the Department of Education’s home page: