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Contact: Richard Vespucci
For Release: October 15, 2001

22 Educators Receive Cash Awards for Good I.D.E.A.S. in Teaching Workplace Standards

The New Jersey Department of Education, in collaboration with the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA), has awarded stipends to 22 educators across the state for their proposals to implement the Cross Content Workplace Readiness Standards. The program, called Workplace Readiness I.D.E.A.S. (Incentive for Demonstrating Excellence in Academic Standards, encourages teachers and counselors to develop instructional models to enhance student achievement of the Cross Content Workplace Readiness Standards.

"When we developed the Core Curriculum Content Standards, we realized that all students must possess certain knowledge and skills to be successful in the work place, regardless of whether they go on to college," said Commissioner of Education Vito A. Gagliardi, Sr. "The teachers we are recognizing through I.D.E.A.S. will use their grants to refine their proposals into classroom practices that will help all teachers better prepare their students to learn these vital skills."

The Cross-Content Workplace Readiness Standards, adopted by the State Board of Education in 1996, aim to ensure that students in New Jersey will develop competencies for achieving success in the world of work. The five Cross-Content Workplace Readiness Standards address career planning, use of information and technology, critical thinking, self management and safety.

I.D.E.A.S. makes available state-funded stipends of up to $4,000 for each proposal selected that best meets the objectives of the program. Applicants were asked to describe the general curricular concept, its relevance to the integration of the Cross-Content Workplace Readiness Standards into one or more academic content standards, its potential for replication by others, and any proposed expenditures.

Applications were evaluated and ranked in a two-phase process. First, they were reviewed by the local Workforce Investment Board. Then, they were sent to a sponsoring committee for review by representatives from the Department of Education’s Office of School-to-Career and College Initiatives and the New Jersey Education Association.

The winners of the awards are:

Elizabeth Ann Alber, Oldsman Township Middle School (Pedricktown)
Sandra Antoine, Peter Nicholson and Fred Cottrell, Paramus Public Schools
Ruth Baskerville, Paterson Public Schools
Diane Bossert, Salem County Vocational Technical Schools
Rita Boyd, Kay DellaBarca and Laura TenEyck, Ocean City High School
Lizabeth Buoro, Cape May County Special Services District
Kathy Cunningham, Upper Township School, Woodbine
Theresa D’Aromando, Farmingdale Public Schools
Glen Donelson, Pennsville Public Schools
Simon Hersch, Middlesex County Educational Services Commission
Adria Kelley, Fort Lee High School
Patricia Koelbl, Asbury Park High School
Dolores Lawrie-Higgins, Cape May County Technical School
Jane Mangiameli, Lakeland Regional High School
Leslie McGibboney, Clayton Public Schools
Beverly McGowan, Pittsgrove Township Public Schools
Madelyn Miamidian, Washington Township Schools
Lucy O’Donnell, Quinton Township Schools
Sharon Romaglia, Nutley Public Schools
Delores Sheppard, Ocean County Vocational-Technical Schools
Luella Vengenock and Judy Cirelly, Alloway Township Schools
Barbara Yekenchik and Frank Volz, Southern Regional High School.

For more information about this program, contact the Office of School-to-Career and College Initiatives at 877-652-2733.