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Contact: Richard Vespucci
For Release: March 6, 2002

State Board of Education Recognizes Students from Cape May City Elementary School

The State Board of Education today recognized 20 students from the Cape May City Elementary School, Cape May County, for their involvement in activities to improve their communities. The students, in grades four through six, are members of the K-Kids Club, a service organization sponsored by the local Kiwanis Club.

"Students in Cape May City have taken the notion of civic responsibility out of their classrooms and into their community," said State Board of Education President Maud Dahme. "We applaud the Kiwanis Club for forming an alliance with the school to provide students with opportunities to serve."

The K-Kid (Kiwanis-Kids) Sponsored Youth Community Service Organization/Club was started as a pilot program in Florida in 1990. K-Kids of Cape May was launched in 1999 by the Cape May Kiwanis Club. The program is designed to give students experience in community service activities and to inspire them to become community leaders.

Since the program’s inception, K-Kids have successfully participated in a wide variety of activities, including: recycling bottles and cans; cleaning beaches; collecting food supplies; making signs to welcome visiting New York City fire fighters; making valentines for senior citizens; and collecting old watches to make clocks for children who lost a parent in the September 11 tragedy.

The students recognized today were:

Fourth Grade: Derek Bridges, Travis Gaydos, Alex Gibbons, LaKia Johnson, Brianna Magrans, Mariah Oro, Brittany Rigg and Janzell Rodriguez.

Fifth Grade: Chris Abate, Victoria McClain, Candice Pigford, Ryan Protasi, Luis Ramos, Molly Spears, Sarah Spence and Alexandra (Alex) Whitbeck.

Sixth Grade: Sara Bourgeau, Katie McGinley, Maxwell (Max) Moran and Joseph Rodriguez.

Accompanying the students to today’s meeting were Deborah Smith, president of the Cape May City Board of Education; Elizabeth Dworsky, chief school administrator; Sylvia Cooper, K-Kids Club advisor; and David Martin, chaperone and teacher.

The State Board hosted the Cape May City students as part of its recognition program to honor each month a student or group of students for accomplishments in areas such as community service, the arts, academics and sports.