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For Release: June 24, 2002

Department of Education Sponsors Its Second
Preschool Teacher Recruitment Job Fair June 29

Reinforcing the McGreevey Administration’s commitment to early literacy and attracting quality teachers to preschool classrooms, the New Jersey Department of Education is sponsoring its second preschool teacher recruitment job fair on Saturday, June 29, 2002 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Dunn Sports Center, Elizabeth High School.

Recruiting personnel from any Abbott districts and community providers in Abbott districts where there are openings for preschool teachers will attend the job fair seeking to fill positions with qualified applicants who attend on June 29.

Dr. Ellen Frede, Assistant to the Commissioner, Early Childhood Programs, hopes to see a good turnout for the recruitment effort. "As a former preschool teacher, I can personally attest to how rewarding and intellectually stimulating the work is," she said. "Working with these young children will give teachers the opportunity to have a lasting impact on their success in school and throughout their lives."

Candidates are eligible if they are college graduates by August 2002 who fit any of the following criteria:

  • An early childhood major
  • An undergraduate or graduate education major
  • The holder of New Jersey teacher certification
  • The holder of a standard New Jersey Teacher of Nursery School certificate or the holder of a standard New Jersey Teacher of Elementary School certification with two years of teaching experience in a preschool setting
  • The holder of a valid out-of-state certification to teach early childhood education
  • The holder of a Teacher of Preschool through Grade 3 Certificate of Eligibility, Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing or a standard certificate
  • The holder of a bachelor’s or advanced degree in liberal arts or science or
  • Interested in finding out about the state’s "alternate route" to teacher certification.

The department is hoping that the 2002 job fair has the same success as last year’s event that was held at Rider University. In 2001, eleven Abbott districts and 70 providers interviewed 325 attendees who represented 10 states. To date, for the June 29 job fair, there are four Abbott districts and 76 providers who will be looking for preschool teachers.

Direction to Dunn Sports Center at 600 Pearl Street in Elizabeth can be accessed online through the Elizabeth School District Web site at

For questions or additional information, contact Tonia Davis, Office of Early Childhood Programs at (609) 777-2074.