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For Release: July 2, 2002

State Board of Education Adopts Revised Core Curriculum Content Standards
for Language Arts Literacy, Mathematics and Science

Fact Sheets:

Language Arts Literacy

The State Board of Education today adopted revised Core Curriculum Content Standards in three areas: language arts literacy, mathematics and science. The standards are statements of expectation of what all students are expected to know and be able to do by the time they graduate from high school.

Today’s action culminates a public, year-long process to review the original Core Curriculum Content Standards, which were adopted in 1996. The State Board is expected to consider revised content standards in the remaining content areas of social studies, visual and performing arts, comprehensive health and physical education, world languages, and workplace readiness standards, later this year.

"Your action today is a momentous one," said Acting Commissioner of Education Dwight Pfennig. "I believe that this second generation of standards will move the state forward in these three important content areas. Their clarity and rigor will greatly assist efforts by teachers and administrators to improve teaching and learning."

Acting Commissioner Pfennig thanked the state-level panel revision committees and the overall state advisory committee for their time and expertise to complete the process.

The revised standards reflect the review of state-level panels of educators from a cross-section of public education. The panels drafted revised content standards in each area. The standards were distributed widely in December to educators and interested citizens throughout the state. Then, public comment was actively solicited and hearings to gather input were held in the northern, central and southern regions.

The new standards take effect immediately. Highlights of the standards and how they have been arrived can be found on the attached fact sheets. For the full text of the revised standards, visit the Department of Education’s Web site:

Click on Standards & Assessment