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For Release: August 14, 2002

Department of Education Announces Final Approval
of Gym Rehabilitation Project at Williamstown High School

The New Jersey Department of Education today announced final approval of a project to rehabilitate the gymnasium at Williamstown High School in Monroe Township, Gloucester County.

The school district is planning to remove and replace the gym floor and to relocate electrical and communication devices, as well as permanent fittings, such as those used for volleyball. The project carries a total cost of $417,027.

In order to receive final approval, the school district had to agree to construct the project as described in its application, to accept the state's determination of the preliminary eligible project costs, and decide on whether to be reimbursed for some of the project cost through a grant or in the form of state aid (debt service aid). Since Monroe Township has decided to seek state support for this project through a grant, the project plans have been sent to the state Economic Development Authority for processing.

The Department of Education has determined the final eligible cost for funding of the Monroe Township project to be $417,027. The state's share of the project will equal $232,797, or 55.8 percent, of this amount.

State funding for this project comes from $8.6 billion appropriated under the landmark Educational Facilities Construction and Financing Act. The law was enacted to make unprecedented amounts of state funds available to help meet a critical need for new, safe and updated schools throughout New Jersey.