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For Release: September 4, 2002

Commissioner William L. Librera's Public Events for Thursday, September 5, 2002

9 am

Commissioner Librera attends convocation to celebrate the opening of the Academies @ Englewood, which ends a 30-year-old racial segregation problem in the community.

Academies @ Englewood
King Hall Auditorium
274 Knickerbocker Road
Englewood, NJ
John Greico, Superintendent

10:30 am

Commissioner Librera and his father visit the Washington Irving Elementary School (formerly ES #4) in Garfield where they were kindergarten students 50 and 75 years ago, respectively, to read to kindergarten class.

Washington Irving E.S.
Mr. Edward Mucha, Principal
Maddona Place
Garfield, NJ 07026