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For Release: October 16, 2002

Middle Township, Paterson and Toms River School Districts
Receive Federal Grants for Innovative Health & Physical Education Programs

Three New Jersey school districts are receiving federal grants to support innovative approaches to support instruction in health and physical education. The districts – Middle Township, Paterson and Toms River – are receiving funds under the Carol M. White Physical Education Program.

Middle Township is receiving $212,598; Paterson is receiving $344,943; and Toms River is receiving $144,675.

The three districts will use their grants for staff development and training of teachers and staff in new and effective ways to help students gain the knowledge and skills they need to be healthy and physically active throughout their lives. In addition, grants can be used for the purchase of equipment and other support needed to enable students to participate in physical education activities.

The United States Department of Education, sponsor of the grant program, awarded 176 grants totaling $50 million in 2001-02. Grant awards ranged from $35,000 to $532,000.

Grant applicants were required to develop programs in conjunction with state standards that addressed preparation or training for staff in one or more of the following:

  • Fitness education and assessments to help students improve or maintain their physical well-being;
  • Instruction in a variety of motor skills and physical activities designed to enhance the physical, mental and social or emotional development of students;
  • Development of, and instruction in, cognitive concepts about motor skills and physical fitness that support a lifelong healthy lifestyle;
  • Opportunities to develop positive social and cooperative skills through physical activity;
  • Instruction in healthy eating habits and good nutrition; and
  • Opportunities for professional development for teachers of physical education.

Local school districts and community-based organizations applied directly to the USDOE for the grants.