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Department of Education Announces Photo Gallery Available Online

TRENTON — The Department of Education’s Public Information Office is pleased to announce our newest feature on the Web: the DOE Photo Gallery.

Posted on the Photo Gallery are up-to-date news photos of Governor James E. McGreevey and Commissioner of Education William L. Librera.

The DOE Photo Gallery is accessible via

Media are encouraged to visit the gallery to download photographs for publication. The general public is encouraged to visit the site to see firsthand what Governor McGreevey and Commissioner Librera are doing to ensure quality education for our children.

Directions on how to do so are found in the gallery’s introduction.

Most recent events include the Milken Family Foundation National Educator Awards, the official announcement of the Pfizer Career Academy in Morristown, NJ, and visits touting the Governor’s Book Club.

The gallery also includes directions on how to subscribe to the Governor’s Education News Service (GENS), a free service that provides news releases, reports, speeches, testimony, opinions, administrative code, and data, and any other information that the DOE distributes to educators and the media.