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For Release: November 4, 2002

DOE Launches Success Stories, a Timely Compilation of What’s Good in Schools

The New Jersey Department of Education has announced a new feature available to the news media and the general public. The feature, Success Stories, is a timely compilation of news and events in schools statewide.

Success Stories chronicles events, honors, dedications, celebrations and other school news in districts across New Jersey. It follows a news brief format and contains Web links for more information.

News organizations are encouraged to use the briefs or adapt them for their own publications. Schools and school boards are encouraged to use them in newsletters and other mailing lists.

The first edition of Success Stories highlights the Pleasantville School District’s monthly newsletter, successful programs in Paterson and a feature on the state Teacher of the Year, among other items.

School districts are invited and encouraged to email their own Success Stories to the Public Information Office for consideration. Please send the information to the attention of Jon Zlock at

Success Stories is available online on the state Department of Education Web site,, and will be distributed through the Governor’s Education News Service (GENS), a free, comprehensive email service that keeps subscribers informed about education news in New Jersey.