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For Release: January 13, 2003

State Board of Education Adopts DOE Technology Plan

The State Board of Education recently adopted the Department of Education’s comprehensive Technology Plan, titled "Working Toward the Future with Our Children." The plan, which began taking shape in early 2002, sets four goals and outlines numerous ways to implement a sound technology program, both on state and local levels.

The four goals of the plan, which also includes what actions the DOE has taken to include technology throughout the curriculum in daily activities for students, teachers and administrators, are:

  • Students will attain the educational technology and information literacy skills that will assist them in achieving Core Curriculum Content Standards and to succeed in the workplace in the 21st Century;
  • Educators will attain the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively use educational technology to assist students to achieve the Core Curriculum Content Standards;
  • Students, teachers and administrators will have access to educational technology in all learning environments, including classrooms, media centers, schools, and other educational settings, such as community centers; and
  • New Jersey school districts will establish and maintain the technology infrastructure necessary for students and educators to access electronic information and to communicate freely via technology.

The final document, which was adopted by the State Board of Education on Wednesday, Jan. 8, can be found at

In addition to providing guidelines to assist districts in planning for educational technology, the DOE is making strides to improve its systems to provide more timely and accessible information to school districts. Such systems include implementing Teacher Certification Information System and Student Database, among other initiatives.

"The state’s new technology plan is an example of good planning and even better implementation," Commissioner of Education William L. Librera said. "The Department, working in conjunction with a number of integral people and organizations, looks forward to providing our students with the framework necessary for a sound education in technology."

The anticipated outcomes envisioned in the technology plan are: improving curriculum offerings for all students; providing consistent, high-quality professional development for all teachers; establishing efficient communications for all schools; and developing comprehensive use of technology in all appropriate areas of education.

State Board President Maud Dahme said the plan "provides an excellent map for school districts and our students as they continue to learn about, and with, technology."

"The State Board recognizes the need to support technological advances for the curriculum, students and teachers," Dahme said. "This plan will help achieve such goals."

The technology plan is one of the many initiatives Governor James E. McGreevey, Commissioner Librera and the DOE encourage for both educational growth and innovative lessons for students in the state.

The plan is also an example of the DOE mission statement: "The New Jersey Department of Education will provide leadership for a superior education by utilizing multiple and diverse paths to success for all children in New Jersey.

In September 2002, the Governor and Commissioner hosted an Educational Summit in Trenton, where they outlined the Administration’s 21-point plan for educational reform. The 21-point plan is available on the Department of Education’s website:

For more information about the technology plan or other DOE initiatives, please contact the Department of Education Public Information Office at (609) 292-1126.