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For Release: February 14, 2003


The State Board of Education is scheduled to decide whether to supplement the record in the following legal case: Board of Education of the Borough of Englewood Cliffs, Bergen County V. Board of Education of the City of Englewood, Bergen County V. Board of Education of Tenafly, Bergen County, State Board Docket #37-88 on Wednesday, February 19, 2003, the date of the board’s next public meeting, at a time to be determined.

Following the meeting, decisions will be prepared in written form and mailed to the parties affected or their attorneys of record. The decision will also be posted on the Department of Education’s Web site on Thursday, February 20, at:
(click on Overview of DOE Programs and then NJ School Law).

Please note that the board is scheduled to decide whether it should supplement the case record; the board will not be deciding the merits of the case itself.

For additional information, contact the State Board Appeals Office, 609-292-8361.