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For Release: February 20, 2003

DOE Announces Internship Opportunities for College Students

The Department of Education announced this week plans for a non-paid, college internship program with opportunities in the following offices: Public Information, Compliance and Investigations, Grants Appeals, Grants Management, Legislative Services and the School Ethics Commission.

"Internships, whether volunteer or otherwise, have proven to be a solid first step in building the foundation for one’s career," Commissioner of Education William L. Librera said. "The DOE is proud to offer this program. We look forward to providing opportunities for the many good college students looking to further both their own personal growth and their potential careers."

This the first year the DOE will launch the program. Students are encouraged to inquire with the DOE’s Chief of Staff Office for specific opportunities. For more information or to sign up for the program, please contact Lillian Terry at (609) 292-4442.

A brief description of each office available for the non-paid internships is as follows:

  • Public Information Office: The PIO responds to requests for information from governmental entities, the media, and the general public. It also provides information to the media and public through press releases and by coordinating activities such as press conferences and interviews. Department-wide documents are published and distributed by the Public Information Office, which also oversees the development and quality control of the department’s Web site. Interns would help with any or all of the aforementioned tasks.

  • Office of Compliance and Investigations: Student interns in the single audit/grants unit would learn the various aspects that cover the Federal Single Audit Act and the forthcoming changes to the law, as well as what encompasses a single audit. Interns also would assist in the office’s desk review process and learn hands on about the application of the new No Child Left Behind Law and other federal grants, including Adult and Vocational Education.

  • Office of Grants and Appeals: The Office of Grants and Appeals serves as the unit for interdivisional coordination within the DOE. Specific areas addressed in this office are: policy, planning, code development and funding acquisitions. Interns would assist in policy analysis and research for key federal and state initiatives.

  • Office of Grants Management: The Office of Grants Management currently oversees the development, distribution and management of all federal and state grants — this includes 1,500 entitlement grants and 600 discretionary grants. The office is responsible for three broad functions: planning, implementation and oversight/compliance. The office ensures the management of grant programs will withstand the tests of audits and public scrutiny.

  • Office of Legislative Services: The Office of Legislative Services monitors and reviews state and federal legislation. It is responsible for DOE interaction with the state legislature and U.S. Congress, as well as educational constituency groups and policy makers. Interns would assist in the research necessary for preparing bill comments and other assignments.

  • Office of School Ethics Commission: The School Ethics Commission is a nine-member body that reviews, investigates, and renders decisions on complaints against school officials that allege violations of the School Ethics Act. If the Commission finds a violation, a recommendation is submitted to the Commissioner of Education. Interns would assist in updates to both the Commissioner’s decisions and advisory opinions posted on the Internet. They would also draft letters, orders and perform other tasks.

For more information, please contact either Lillian Terry in the Chief of Staff office at (609) 292-4442, or the Public Information Office at (609) 292-1126.