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For Release: March 5, 2003

State Board Statement on the Newark Superintendent Search

"Commissioner Librera and his staff have worked in a forthright and conscientious manner over the last several months to implement a process that will ultimately lead to a vote by this board to appoint a state district superintendent in Newark for a term to commence on July 1, 2003. Commissioner Librera has informed us that he will not recommend action on this appointment today.

We support the Commissioner's efforts in following a fair and equitable course to bring this process to fruition. Although the board is cognizant of the desire by many parties to act expeditiously on this appointment, the board is also aware of the need for the Commissioner to proceed in a thoughtful and deliberative manner. We encourage Commissioner Librera to take the time he needs to base his recommendation on a thorough and complete review.

Upon receiving the Commissioner's recommendation, this board will begin its own deliberations prior to voting on the appointment. We estimate that our review will take at least one month, beginning on April 2, 2003 at the earliest."