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For Release: April 2, 2003

State Board of Education Amends No Smoking Regulations

The State Board of Education today amended regulations that prohibit the smoking of any substance and the use of tobacco products in school buildings and on school grounds. The amendment adopted today expands the definition of school grounds to include school vehicles, athletic stadiums and facilities used solely for school administration.

"This amendment closes a gap that we did not intend to create when we originally adopted regulations in November 2002," said State Board President Maud Dahme. "By clarifying the definition of school grounds, we are underscoring our intent to make smoking an off-limits activity on all school property and vehicles.

"These regulations are designed to protect our students from the health hazards associated with smoking by creating smoke-free environments in and around our schools," Dahme said.

The State Department of Education and the State Board has received comments and support for the amendment from the New Jersey School Boards Association, New Jersey GASP, New Jersey Breathes, and the New Jersey Public Health Association. Today’s date happens to coincide with "Kick Butts Day," an annual federal initiative that encourages activism and leadership among elementary, middle and high school students to fight against tobacco use.