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For Release: April 11, 2003

DOE Releases Online Version of First Quarter Accomplishments for 2003; Highlights Several Key Diverse Initiatives Addressed by the McGreevey Administration

The Department of Education today released the first quarter 2003 accomplishments — a diverse range of initiatives that cover the five key components of the James E. McGreevey Administration’s comprehensive education agenda: teacher and administrator quality; raising student achievement; creating diverse and multiple paths for student success; sharing innovative and outstanding practices and programs; and engaging in and encouraging public communication.

The document has been posted online and can be found at:

The first quarter of 2003 has been productive at the Department of Education (DOE) with accomplishments ranging from issuing updates on emergency preparedness, announcing a Renaissance School Zone in Trenton, continuing the Administration’s push to meet with teachers in every county of the state, and revising both the Core Curriculum Content and professional development standards.

"The DOE remains steadfast in our dedication to Gov. McGreevey’s hopes to provide the best education possible for all students in New Jersey," Commissioner Librera said. "Our mission is clear and our goals are concrete. We will continue to create and provide an environment that yields nothing but the best results for all our children."

For more information about any of the DOE accomplishments addressed in the document, please call the DOE Public Information Office at (609) 292-1126.