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For Release: June 4, 2003

MEDIA ADVISORY: Commissioner of Education William L. Librera to discuss draft of the Special Review Assessment White Paper during the midday State Board press briefing today.

Commissioner Librera will distribute draft copies of the White Paper, which is a review of the Special Review Assessment (SRA), a program for alternate assessment for students failing a graduation requirement test, during the DOE’s midday State Board press briefing.

In 2002, the Department of Education reconvened a panel of stakeholders to review the status of the state’s SRA program. The participants shared their concerns about the process. The information obtained from these meetings, along with research conducted by department staff, has resulted in the development of a discussion paper entitled "White Paper: New Jersey Special Review Assessment." This paper is presented in draft form for review and comment.

As noted in the paper, New Jersey remains the only state to administer a state-developed alternate assessment for students failing a graduation requirement test.

Based on continued concerns and the results of our year-long study, the department included the following key recommendations in the paper: the elimination of the SRA; the creation of expanded remedial opportunities for students failing the High School Proficiency Assessment (HSPA); the development of an appeal procedure; and the award of a differentiated diploma for students who fail to achieve proficiency on the HSPA, but who do meet other graduation and attendance criteria.

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