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For Release: November 5, 2003

State Board Honors Hawthorne High School Senior as November Student of the Month

The New Jersey State Board of Education today honored Julie Carbone, a senior at Hawthorne High School in Passaic County, as the November student of the month.

Carbone is involved in a number of high school activities, including her central role as a member of the school’s Students of Hawthorne Acting Responsibly and Effectively (SHARE) program, cheerleading and a member of the Italian Club.

Through her role with the school’s SHARE program, Julie was part of a group of students who adopted a Fire Department of New York (FDNY) company in the aftermath of Sept. 11. She and other students adopted FDNY Engine 16/ Ladder 7, a New York City fire company that lost eight of its members in the World Trade Center attacks.

"The State Board of Education is pleased to recognize Julie Carbone as our November student of the month," Board President Arnold G. Hyndman said. "She has an impressive record of academic achievement, and community service which has served to link student of her school with the other groups in the community. The State Board is pleased to acknowledge her accomplishments and we wish her well in the future."

Each month during the school year, the State Board recognizes a student or group of students for accomplishments in community service, the arts, academics and sports. Julie was honored in Trenton during this morning’s State Board of Education morning session.

"The Department of Education is proud to join the State Board in honoring Julie and her fine abilities exhibited daily at Hawthorne High School," Commissioner of Education William L. Librera said. "We are touched by Julie’s volunteer efforts, especially in the aftermath of Sept. 11. We are certain that our success statewide is due in large part to the contributions of students like Julie. We are quite confident that she will succeed in the future."

According to Julie’s recommendation letter for the state board honor: "Julie Carbone is the personification of the heart and soul of Hawthorne High School an, indeed, Passaic County. To honor her is to honor all those students who not only find the time to excel academically, but who also give of themselves wholeheartedly to a wide variety of causes that benefit not only the community in which they reside, but the world as well."

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