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New Rules for Professional Licensure & Standards
Adopted December 17, 2003


The State Board of Education has repealed teacher certification regulations in NJAC 6:11, Professional Licensure and has adopted a new chapter, NJAC 6A:9, also entitled Professional Licensure and Standards. The new rules are part of a comprehensive review of all chapters of the state administrative code to identify rules that were overly prescriptive, outdated or creating high cost and low benefit to those affected by these regulations. For this chapter, a decision was made to advance new code rather than revise the existing regulations.

Changes from the existing code are extensive and take into account critical improvements made in the last several years, including introduction of the Core Curriculum Content Standards. They also look ahead to meet the need to create better connections between certification and teaching and learning, and address licensing in standards-based reform. The new regulations are intended to be structured in a more coherent, practical manner.


The new chapter:

  • Establishes professional standards for teachers and school leaders that focus on teaching and learning;
  • Requires teacher preparation, induction and professional development programs to align with those standards;
  • Requires colleges preparing teachers to become nationally accredited;
  • Ensures that novice teachers are prepared in literacy, numeracy, and are able to work with special education and linguistically diverse students;
  • Aligns all instructional certificates to New Jersey’s Core Curriculum Content Standards;
  • Meets the educational needs of middle school and special education students;
  • Assures quality preparation without creating shortages;
  • Eliminates emergency certificates in all instructional areas;
  • Expands pathways to administrator certification; and
  • Complies with key requirements of the federal No Child Left Behind legislation.


Code development is a public process in which input is solicited from educators and interested citizens on items for consideration before the State Board of Education. The department received approximately 450 written comments on the proposed new rules which resulted in several changes being made to the proposed rules prior to adoption level.

The adopted code will become effective upon publication in the New Jersey Register on January 5, 2004.


More details, including actual code language, appear in the State Board of Education agenda for January 20, 2004.