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For Release: June 25, 2004

Paterson Interim Superintendent Announced

Dr. Jonathan Hodges, President of the Paterson Board of Education, today announced that the Board has reached a consensus with the Commissioner of Education, Dr. William L. Librera, on the appointment of Dr. Dennis Clancy as Interim Superintendent of the Paterson schools.

Dr. Clancy met with the Board last evening and he meets the criteria established for the interim position, Dr. Hodges said. Dr. Clancy will start work on Thursday, July 1.

Dr. Clancy has 36 years of public school experience, which includes 28 years in New Jersey as an elementary school principal, as a director of secondary education, as an assistant superintendent for curriculum and as a superintendent. Additionally, he has served as both an interim principal and an interim superintendent, most recently in the Morris School District.